Transformer bobbin is the main structure of transformer components. Bobbins are an essential part in transformers because they provide winding space for cooper wire and fix the core. In terms of core models, transformer bobbins fall into different categories such as EE, EI, EPC, EEL, PQ, RM and many more.

Mingxing Electronic provides our customers with standard transformer bobbins and custom made bobbins. Whatever your needs, Mingxing has you covered with its complete line of coil formers and components.

Standard Transformer Bobbins

  • Transformer bobbins designed to meet VDE, IEC, CSA, UL and all international standards.
  • SMD and DIP bobbins
  • High and low profile PC mount transformer bobbins
  • Pot core bobbins, with and without terminals
  • Transformer bobbins, with solder or quick-disconnect terminals, and without terminals
  • Reed relay bobbins, with and without terminals
  • Solenoid bobbins
  • Shaded pole motor bobbins
  • Automotive alternator bobbins
  • Square, rectangular, and round core bobbins
  • Encapsulation Cases and Clips

Custom Transformer bobbins

Apart from the standard coil bobbins, Mingxing has also customized bobbins to meet the specific needs of customers from different markets. Our engineering department is dedicated to working closely with our customers in the design and development of new parts.

Coil bobbins